10 Quick and Easy Tips for Selling Your House

  1. Prepare your outside…Curb appeal
  2. Front Porch/Front Door Area

Make sure this area is clean and clutter free

(buyers observe this area while the Realtor is unlocking the door)

  1. Step inside/Entry Way

(the nose knows—nice clean smell—rid odors)

  1. Begin Walk through—make sure all walk ways are clear
  2. Living Room—make it look inviting
  3. Kitchen—declutter counter tops/no dirty dishes
  4. Bedrooms—make beds
  5. Bathrooms—clean and no dirty clothes
  6. Closets—organize—remove items not needed
  • Garage—organize—remove items not needed

***Remember you are wanting to sell your home….so purchase some plastic totes and start packing up items you are not using.  Label the totes and put in the garage or store in the closets.  Totes look neat and tidy.  With this tip you have already started the organizing and packing process***


  1. Call a Realtor and List your Home